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Are You the Victim of Medical Malpractice?

When you need medical attention, you go to a hospital or to see a doctor or other medical professional. Health care providers have received special education and training that is supposed to help them diagnose and treat your injuries or conditions.

But just because doctors have special education and training, it does not mean that they cannot or should not be held accountable when they make mistakes that harm their patients.

While most doctors and hospitals provide very good care, sometimes mistakes are made that cause devastating and life-changing injury to their patients. At Edwards Trial Law, our attorney can help you obtain the compensation you need.

The Standard Of Care

Doctors and other medical professionals are held to certain standards in their profession. When they fail to live up to those standards that is malpractice. Medical malpractice, therefore, is just a fancy legal term for negligence or carelessness.

When a healthcare provider’s malpractice causes harm or death to a patient the hospital, doctor or other medical professionals should be held accountable, just as any other person or professional would be if they’re negligence or carelessness caused harm.

More Than 25 Years Of Experience

If you believe that you (or one of your loved ones) have been the victim of medical malpractice, let us handle your claim. Attorney Edwards’ experience gives you a distinct advantage when bringing your medical malpractice case.

Attorney Edwards spent 13 years early in his career defending doctors and hospitals in malpractice cases. He knows how the malpractice insurance companies think. He anticipates their strategy and tactics.  He is prepared for whatever they try to do to avoid responsibility.

Significant Trial Experience

He has tried dozens of malpractice cases to verdict throughout the state of Connecticut. The insurance companies know he is experienced and knows what he is doing. They also know he isn’t afraid to try a case and that jury’s frequently find in his clients’ favor.

Edwards Trial Law has offices in Danbury and New Britain, Connecticut, covering both Fairfield and Hartford counties. Attorney Edwards handles medical malpractice cases all over Connecticut. Call 877-489-8456 or use our online contact form.

If our office locations are not convenient for you Attorney Edwards can meet with you for an initial consultation regarding your medical malpractice claim at a time and location that is convenient for you.

Broad Experience With Medical Malpractice Cases

We handle all kinds of medical malpractice cases including:

  • Spinal surgery: Unnecessary surgery or spine surgery that was not properly indicated; misplacement of surgical hardware including plates, rods and screws frequently placed during spine surgery; failure to timely recognize and treat complications of spine surgery after the patient has left the operating room.
  • Brain injuries: Misdiagnosis or improper treatment of brain conditions; unnecessary or dangerous brain surgery, failure to properly monitor vital signs resulting in brain injury due to lack of oxygen.
  • General surgical errors: Performing surgery on the wrong body part; performing surgery at the wrong level, performing unnecessary surgery; mistakenly injuring other body parts or structures during surgery; improper administration and monitoring of surgical anesthesia.
  • General medical errors: Failure to obtain or negligently performed preoperative medical clearance for surgery; failure to appropriately diagnose and treat; failure to properly interpret and act upon test results; misdiagnosis.
  • Birth injuries: Failure to properly monitor and assess the baby during pregnancy and labor to ensure a safe and healthy delivery.
  • Nursing errors: Failure to timely and properly monitor the patient; failure to properly administer medications; failure to follow doctors’ orders or to report to doctors a change in the patient’s medical status.
  • Lack of communication among medical professionals: When the team of medical professionals fails to adequately and clearly communicate with each other about their patient’s condition or status that results in a failure to provide timely and necessary medical treatment.
  • Failure to properly diagnose the patient’s condition:  The primary function of medical professionals is to diagnose a patient’s condition and then to provide timely and appropriate treatment for that condition.  When doctors fail to order the proper tests, or misinterpret them, their patients lose the chance for timely and appropriate medical treatment.  When the diagnosis is properly made but the treatment is untimely, or incorrect, the patient suffers.

The Essentials Of The Medical Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice cases are different from your typical personal injury case because they require proof by expert testimony. This means your medical malpractice lawyer must retain doctors or other appropriate specialists to help prove your case.

Contingent Attorney Fees

Attorney Edwards regularly works with expert doctors from all over the country to help prove the cases he brings. We handle all of our cases, including medical malpractice cases, on a contingent fee basis which means you don’t pay us a dime unless we obtain a recovery for you.

We also advance all of the case related expenses on your case, including the fees charged by expert witnesses, and we do not ask you to reimburse us for these expenses unless we obtain a recovery for you.

We Can Help You

If you believe that you (or a loved one) have been injured as a result of medical malpractice, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to contact Edwards Trial Law to set up an initial consultation with our lawyer.

We will listen to your story, advise you about the medical malpractice claim process in Connecticut and when indicated undertake a thorough investigation of your case.

If we bring suit on your behalf, you will have the benefit of more than 25 years of legal experience on your side. We won’t stop fighting for you until those who are legally responsible for your injuries have been held accountable, and you are fully and fairly compensated with every dollar that you deserve for all that you have suffered and lost.

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