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If You’ve Been Injured, You May Be Entitled To Compensation

When you are suffering from the effects of an injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you need a lawyer that will fight for you.

Attorney Edwards is a fighter. He will investigate the circumstances of your injuries and identify those who are legally responsible for them. He will hold them accountable by getting you every dollar you deserve.

Whether it be a dangerous snow or ice-covered driveway, an uneven sidewalk, a dangerous stairway or any other dangerous condition that caused you to get hurt, Attorney Edwards will fight for you.

Attorney Edwards’ Experience Makes Him a Great Match For You

For more than 25 years, Attorney Edwards has been getting justice for his clients. His background as the lawyer who once worked for insurance companies permits him to always be a step ahead of insurance companies and their lawyers.

He knows how they think. He knows what they will do. He will always be a step ahead of them.

We Can Help

When you hire Edwards Trial Law, you are getting the experience and knowledge of Attorney Edwards. You will meet and work with him and he will work to obtain the justice you deserve.

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